Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm coming back! Well... hopefully.

Hey guys!

Recently, I have noticed that, although I do a lot of writing on other websites, I do not write a lot for myself. Anything from how i enjoyed a movie or a TV series, to things my friends are doing that I want you all to know about, to... well, whatever really... I rely on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get across. And, though those branches of social media are fine for the day to day, I wanted an outlet where I can flesh out my thoughts if need be.

I remembered this site I had going back in 2009/ 2010, when i tried to do my own comic strip. It's still in existence. Although it's purpose has now changed, it will remain an extension of my dysfunctional, crazy life. I probably won't be posting in it every day, but this will be a place where I can share my life with you if it needs more than a two sentence status update.

Thanks guys! ~Travis

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